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Moving from Washington State (where there's a coffee stand every block) to Texas we noticed that there wasn't too many options when it came to roasted coffee if you weren't in the Austin area, so we decided to roast it ourselves. We started with a Whirly Pop popcorn popper, where your only roast level is dark. (surprisingly you can get some pretty decent roast off it)  then in 2016 we purchased our 2k roaster from Mill City Roasters, and that's when our coffee adventure started. 

Located in Salado, Texas. Longbow Roasters is a Family/Veteran owned, Small Batch, Specialty Coffee Roaster and coffee shop trailer. We provide only premium, specialty grade coffee from round the world. We Also sling awesome lattes and espresso daily at our trailer location.

As a roaster I feel that it’s important to provide only the freshest coffee to the consumer and at the same time working with individual that provide responsibly sourced coffee that’s sustainable.

If you're in the Salado, Texas area come check us out at 108 Royal Street.